Getting started as a HYCHEM customer

HYCHEM customers benefit from our industry-leading cleaning and sanitation solutions. If you’re interested in joining our family, then read on to find out more about:

    1. Opening a Customer Account
    2. Placing an Order
    3. Delivery Charges
    4. Payment Options
    5. Certificate Information

Opening a Customer Account

Please note that all of our customers are obliged to open a customer account for invoicing purposes, regardless of payment method or terms. Here’s how to do this in three easy steps.

Contact your nearest branch

  • Our branch details:
  • You can contact us via: Email, WhatsApp or Phone (ask for the Debtors Department)
  • Indicate the type of payment method / terms you’d prefer.

Complete a customer application form

  • After receiving this form from Hychem you’ll need to complete all the details and send it back to the relevant branch, together with a copy of your ID.

Receive your account code and Hychem rep details

  • A unique customer code is generated when opening an account. This must be supplied when placing orders.
  • You’ll be assigned a Hychem representative who will provide expert advice and guidance, as you need it.

Hychem offers 7, 14 and 30-day credit options for customers that pass credit verification procedures.

Placing an Order

The easiest way to order is through our website shop:

Here you can browse our products and add them to your cart. When you’re ready to order, view your cart and submit. Then, after entering the required information, hit send. Once we receive your request we will forward you a quotation, and once you approve this, your order will be placed.

Alternatively, if you know what you want, you can order direct from us via:

If you need advice on your order, then speak to a Hychem rep for guidance and clarity.

When placing an order please supply:

  • Your account code.
  • Your purchase order number for reference on our documentation.

Delivery Charges

If your order exceeds R1 000 (excluding VAT) it qualifies for free delivery. If your order is below R1 000, a standard delivery fee will apply.

Payment Options

When ordering for the first time we require an upfront EFT payment before any products are released.

We have three payment methods.


  • All our branches have different banking details, so please use the details of your required branch, found on your invoice.
  • When paying via EFT please use your customer number or our invoice number as the reference. This ensures prompt and accurate allocation of the payment to your account.

Credit Card

  • You will need to visit the relevant branch to pay on credit.


  • If you would like to open an account for purchasing on credit, you will need to complete the credit application form. To do this, please contact the Debtors Manager at your nearest branch. We will undertake credit checks and, if successful, you may order on account.

Certificate Information

Our website contains a lot of useful info like product information, certificates of compliance, BEE certificates and material safety data sheets.

Becoming a HYCHEM customer is really that easy, and we look forward to welcoming you. If you have further queries once you’re with us, then please contact either your rep or your nearest branch. We’d love to be of service.