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Explore our premier chemical product selection within the industries we cater to:

  • Ovenease - Non-caustic oven & grill cleaner
  • Quatracide - For use in utensils & sanitiser buckets
  • Econodet - Concentrated pot wash detergent
  • Hywash concentrate - Dish machine detergent
  • D-Stain - Cutlery & crockery destainer
  • Microkleen Enhanced - QAC based GP cleaner
  • Microfresh - Room Airfreshner
  • Microsan - Bathroom and toilet bowl descaler
  • Limeaway - Limescale remover for kettles, urns, and dishwashers
  • Spraybrite - For mould removal and laundry spot removal
  • Dermapur - Antibacterial hand wash
  • Microbac - 3-in-1 All-purpose cleaner-disinfectant-room deodoriser
  • Dermarub CHG5% - Liquid hand sanitiser
  • Bio spill kit - Cleanup kit for biological spills
  • Restore HS - Polymer sealant for vinyl floors
  • Bacterial tablet combo pack - For treatment of septic tanks and effluent water
  • Hyperox - Peracetic Acid Sanitizer for CIP Applications
  • Hychlor - Chlorinated Caustic Cleaner
  • Hycleanse - Chlorinated Caustic CIP Cleaner
  • Quatracide - QAC water sanitiser for footbaths, boot wash, vehicle disinfection
  • Swift HD - Environmentally friendly Water based floor cleaner for use in auto scrubbers
  • Microclear - Concentrated window cleaner for streak free shop fronts and mirrors
  • Microcide - Granulated bleach for mops
  • Tripple S - Stainless steel cleaner
  • Supavac - Carpet and upholstery cleaner for use in carpet washing machine
  • Prosan - Toilet bowl descaler
  • Super CMF - Food safe degreaser for grills
  • Surface - Food safe hard surface cleaner
  • PIP Air - Probiotic treatment for the removal of pathogens and allergens in the air
  • PIP Odourfresh - Probiotic odour neutraliser and urine crystal remover
  • Surfacebac - Hard surface disinfectant, broad spectrum easy to use, safe and efficient
  • Instrubac - Cold sterilant for disinfection and sterilisation of instruments and equipment
  • Dermawash - Antibacterial hand wash that moisturise and caters for a broad spectrum
  • Lubrigel - Non-sterile lubricating jelly suitable for numerous applications
  • Ultrasound gel - Viscous gel for general ultrasonography applications
  • Biosoft - Biodegradable Fabric Softener
  • Bioboost - Environmentally friendly alkaline Booster
  • Biobrite - Environmentally friendly oxygen bleach
  • Spotting Kit - Stains and spot removal
  • Oxybrite - Powdered oxygenated bleach.
  • Bio 411 - Water based environmental degreaser
  • Aluminium brightener - For cleaning and shining of all aluminium based surfaces
  • Electric Motor cleaner - General Purpose Quick Drying Electrical Parts cleaner
  • Mortadet - Acid based mortar remover
  • Autoshine - Wax based automotive cleaner
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