Keep it clean with Sanigel. Everywhere. Everyday.

Extensively Effective

At Hychem we have a range of highly effective cleaning products. One of the most popular of these is Sanigel, a multipurpose cleaner that’s ideal for everyday use. It is incredibly powerful and can be applied to numerous different surfaces, but is especially suited for cleaning your bathrooms, toilets, floors and walls.

Using Sanigel

Sanigel is a pine-based viscous gel, available in clear and yellow in 5 litre bottles or 20 litre drums. It’s really easy to use: simply apply the product as is with a delicate surface pad, then rinse well with clear water. For the best results, use green hand pads and microfibre cloths.

Keep Protected

For your own safety, make sure that you wear the appropriate protective clothing for minimising contact with the product. We suggest using chemical resistant protective gloves for hand protection and tight-fitting safety goggles (chemical goggles) to protect your eyes. Handle the product in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practices, and if you get Sanigel on your clothing, wash immediately.


There are no certifications listed for Sanigel, but you can download our Safety Data Sheets here:
Sanigel MSDS (pdf)

To go directly to the product on our website, click here:
Sanigel (Yellow 5 litre)