The Importance of Dilution Ratios

Getting the Balance Right

At Hychem, being an industry leader means more than just producing world-class cleaning and sanitation solutions. We are committed to ensuring our customers are informed about how to use our products safely and effectively, minimising risk and saving on costs. To do this, and achieve a better quality outcome, it’s important that your dilution ratios are correct.

If you over-dilute, you waste both the product and your cash. Using more than stipulated may cause some of our products to be less effective, over-concentration could lead to toxic chemical fumes, and you might cause damage to surfaces. If you dilute too little, it could result in safety issues, and you may also need to rinse more.

Remember to always check our labels for directions, precautions and the correct PPE for each specific application. The ratios on the instructions tell you how much of the chemical to dilute with water. If this specifies 1:4, it means one part chemical and four parts water. So if you use one litre of chemical, you need to dilute it with four litres of water.

You will not achieve a better outcome by adding more chemical to the mix; this does not make the product more effective and should never be considered a solution. If you have specific needs, then often there are alternative Hychem products that are better suited for certain processes.

Our dilution ratios are thoroughly tested to ensure that the chemicals in our products are at optimum levels for the best results. So always adhere to these ratios, and apply our products in the way we’ve designed them for use.

Mixing Manually

Manual mixing is often the easiest option, but always remember to exercise extreme caution when working with chemicals. Mix in a spacious, well-ventilated area, and use the correct PPE. Our safety data sheet will prepare you for unintentional exposure, like getting the chemical in your eye, or accidentally ingesting it. Make sure you read this information beforehand and that you have easy access to running water when you are mixing.

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