Swift HD: Your All-Round Cleaning Solution

Multiple Applications

 At Hychem we’re always looking for ways to increase the efficacy of our products, and recent tests have shown that Swift HD offers much more than initially expected, giving you more bang for buck. Although originally formulated to be an eco-friendly, biodegradable, low-foam floor cleaner, the product is now showing great results for various other applications and uses.

Hard Surface Cleaner

Now that it has been certified for use in the food production and kitchen environments, Swift HD is ideal for smaller kitchens that lack the space to stock loads of products. It has multiple uses for these environments, but we recommend different dilutions for different applications. For floor cleaning dilute 1:100, and for surfaces dilute 1:50.


Swift HD also proves to be very effective as a pre-spotter. For carpets and upholstery we recommend using it with a carpet-cleaning machine or wet and dry vacuum, and diluting 1:80. If you are applying it manually, then use of an old, clean towel to soak up any excess water. Simply press on the stain after treatment.

Swift HD is also great as a pre-spotter for non-heavy laundry stains. If, for instance, an accident in the kitchen results in a stain on a uniform, take the same spray bottle that is used to clean the kitchen counter, dilute 1:50, treat the stain and rinse it out to prevent it from setting.

De-Greaser and Cleaner!

And if that’s not enough, Swift HD can also be used as a degreaser and cleaner in your garage. Dilute 1:50 for surfaces, and even to remove stubborn dirt or oil.

Swift Hd - 5 Litre